Kenwood NX Repair Service

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Kenwood NX Repair Service

Kenwood NX Repair Service

RadioCPR repairs the full line of Kenwood radios. Rather than flat-rate pricing, we only charge you for what you need fixed. Please click the "Get Repair Quote" button for an exact quote. 

Below are some FAQ about repairing Kenwood radios.

Question: What models do you repair?

Answer: We repair Kenwood's full line of portable and mobile NXDN radios. This includes the NX320, NX700, NX200, NX800, NX820, NX-3320, and many more.

Question: Why should repair my radio vs. replacing?

Answer: This choice is up to you. But generally, the cost of a replacement radio with the same features, including paid features from Kenwood, will exceed the cost of repair by a large margin.

Question: What type of repairs do you perform radios?

Answer: Everything except water damage. The common repairs include knob replacement potentiometer replacement, speaker replacement, housing replacement, and board replacement.

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