Commonly Requested Services

Below are the most common repairs. But we also perform other repairs, that you can request in your quote submission.

  • Cracked LCD replacement

    Replaced cracked or bad LCDs for M1.5 to 3.5 portable radios – and mobiles.

  • Bent antenna connector replacement

    Solder replacement antenna ports onto to mobiles

  • Potentiometer fix

    Restore the “click” feel with new potentiometers.

  • Looping power knob

    Replace knob parts to stop looping and other issues.

  • Bad microphone port in mobile

    Replace control heads and microphone ports.

  • Repeater power supply replacement

    Replace dead power supplies.

  • Housing or case replacement

    New housing and cases.

  • Keypad replacement

    Replace limited or full keypads.

  • Bad PTT switch replacement

    Fix faulty PTT switches or cases.